What We Do

Speech, Language and Hearing

  1. Direct support to the Douglas County Schools Audiology Department-Financial support for hearing technology equipment in the classroom.
  2. Direct financial support for the equipment needs of children at the Anchor Center experiencing hearing and sight development challenges.
  3. We support children in need of speech lessons by subsidizing the cost of those lessons.

Freedom Projects

  1. Eighth grade students submit essays on the subject “What freedom means to me.” Each middle school winner receives a $100 savings bond and competes for District honors.  Eighth graders study US History and the events (historic, geographic, economic, political) that influenced freedom in America, and the essays add personal meaning to their curriculum studies.
  2. One Douglas County school provides students the opportunity to express the theme of Freedom in a variety of mediums (essay, video, documentary, original performance, art, and poetry or song).  Imagination and creativity is the key to better understanding of concepts like Freedom, and the student outcomes are inspiring.

Community Service

  1. Weekly assistance at the Covenant Cupboard food pantry preparing boxes for the needy in Arapahoe County and Denver area.
  2. Littleton Colorado Western Welcome week parade staging.
  3. Support the efforts of our two affiliates – Anchor Center for Blind (and often hearing challenged) Children, and the Douglas County School District Audiology Department (via innovative investment in hearing technology equipment and learning support services).
  4. Other community “one off” service projects when requested.