Car Construction Clinics

Drivers must build the car with the help of an adult. This is a joint effort between a child and adult, but the child must do a lot of the work. Car Construction clinics are scheduled to help you with the construction of the car.  There will be a stock and super stock car at each clinic for demonstration purposes. This clinics will last approx. 2 hours. Each Clinic is different. We will go over the basic assembly of the car.  We will inform everyone how the race will be run, we will recommendations on how to improve the driver and the car and we will have a Question & Answer session at the end.

Clinics held on the Saturday before the rally races:


So, bring your cars.

The clinics will be held at:

FIX Auto Highlands Ranch/Jerry Stander’s Collision Works
3900 Norwood Dr, Littleton, CO 80125
Mile High April Rally — 04/22/2017 – 04/23/2017
Arapahoe County Fairgrounds

April 22-23 2017 All American Rally

All American Rally weekend- Double and single elimination on Saturday and Double elimination on Sunday

Location:  Arapahoe County Fairgrounds
Divisions: Stock, Super Stock, Master
Contact:   (Buzz) Pankoff

Facility at the Fairgrounds

We have an excellent race facility provided by our support from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department and the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds personnel. We are extremely lucky to have a place like the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds to race and provide our families with an enjoyable environment to watch their kids compete. Although this is not a permanent facility, these people have done everything they can to make it every bit as good as any facility in the country! Special thanks to Matt Bixenman and Stephanie Graham and staff for providing us with the area, bleachers, tables, timing building and clean facilities! They are a great bunch to work with and are a major part of our success! We had the full support of both staffs to ensure that this weekend was about our kids and our cause, and for that we are grateful!

Sertoma Mile High Races

Mile High April Rally
04/22/2017 – 04/23/2017

Mile High May Rally
05/20/2017 – 05/21/2017

Mile High Local Championship
06/24/2017 – 06/25/2017